Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners

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Affiliate Marketing for beginners

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a term used by the online search marketing industry to describe websites that are actively marketing themselves on the Internet. They use affiliate marketing programs to earn money from people who click on links on their websites and then purchase products from them, usually at a reduced cost.

It is a less expensive, faster, and more reliable way to earn income from your audience. Affiliate programs, which are an established part of the Internet marketing world, are a proven way to drive revenue for small businesses.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

In affiliate marketing, the company or website that runs the program will pay a fee to a third-party affiliate who will pay a commission to the company or website that runs the program. The compensation goes to the affiliate based on how many sales were made.

When a person clicks on a link on a company’s site, the affiliate program pays to the website that hosts the affiliate program. The affiliate agency then pays the company the specified commission for each person who clicks on the link.

The program is set up so that the affiliate program pays out a certain percentage of the retail price of the item that the person purchases. For example, if the person buys a $10 gift certificate for a store, the affiliate program would pay out $1 for every $10 that person spends on the gift certificate.

The average commission paid out to an affiliate program is anywhere from 5% to 15%, but this varies from site to site. It is important, the commission that you earn is based on the amount of money that you bring in through the program.

How can Affiliate marketing help you?

You can use affiliate marketing to grow your business without spending a considerable amount of money on marketing costs. These days there are many ways to get into affiliate marketing, so you might want to learn how to do it.

One of the best ways is to select the trending products and build a complete website around it. For example, you can create a website that helps visitors compare certain amazon products. 

They can choose any product they want, but the profit will always be yours since you will have the affiliate link from amazon on your website.

But with a current announcement from Amazon that it will cut down the affiliate commissions from 8 to 3% or 5 to 1% (dated 21st April 2020), It is your own decision on which affiliate platform would you like to choose. I will soon provide you with a list of networks that can help you start your journey to freedom.

You might also want to do affiliate marketing to promote your consulting business, so you could pay a website that is focused on affiliate marketing to send visitors to your site.

For example, If I am good at website design, I can improve my sales by creating the affiliate program. I can pay my affiliates a certain amount of revenue share per lead they get for me.

How much money can be made from affiliate marketing?

There are a few ways to earn affiliate marketing revenue, and there is no set amount that is guaranteed. It is all up to you as to how much you want to make, but it can be easily calculated by using this affiliate marketing calculator.

It all depends on your strategy, keyword research, content, and amount of money you want to invest. 

Which Affiliate Networks Are Best in Terms of Revenue?

1. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a straightforward way to make money with Google, but it requires proper niche or keyword research. You should do some reverse engineering to select a niche for your website.

If you choose a highly competitive niche like digital marketing, your website will be competing with thousands of blogs. These blogs are already fighting in the space to rank well, and the bitter truth is you will give up moving forward if you are new in this.

Instead, find out a niche that is easier to rank. To start with, I can select something like `How to create an explainer video. `

I will build a complete website on the process of how to create an explainer video and put some AdSense links which can display ads related to my content. It will be way easier to rank such a website with low competition.

You can also see which ads are creating much traffic on your site, and which ones are not. You can also see which ads are bringing in more click-throughs, and which ones are not.

If you are starting with Google AdSense, make sure you are targeting the right people.

2. Fiverr

Yes, you read it right. Fiverr is growing as one of the best affiliate networks since they have excellent commission rates. With current situations of COVID 19 where most of the world is working from home, Fiverr is the best way to earn money.

You can refer your friends with specialized skills in this program where he can buy some cheap services. You can also refer any companies looking for specific skills to Fiverr with the help of your affiliate link, and you will then get commissions based on what your referrer bought.

Check their lucrative commission rates here.

3. Shareasale

ShareASale has been a trusted site for both merchants and affiliates for more than 20 years now. ShareASale is a privately held company in Illinois, the USA from April 2000.

ShareASale is an affiliate network and has more than 4000 merchant programs. Merchants can upload their product link and banners to their ShareASale account and use a bounty for sales referred. +They’re algorithm tracks when a consumer/user buy through the seller website and share affiliate earnings in real-time.

At this moment, you can begin browsing readily available merchants to look at their products and available commissions.

Affiliates utilize their site, blogpost, PPC to reach customers successfully. Their goal is to put merchant banners on-site or within non-spam emails to produce traffic and potential sales.

Payments are made as soon as an affiliate account balance is $50 or more. If you are living outside the USA, you can get paid through a direct deposit to your bank account or by cheque.

Although the top 3 networks pay for the action by the visitors in terms of clicks, product buys through your links, you can also get paid for pay per lead called CPA or cost per action. This usually performs the activities, such as capturing email leads through your affiliate links.

Top 5 Most Profitable Affiliate Networks: CPA Offers Are One of the Best Ways to Monetize a Site

For many webmasters, CPA offers have become a goldmine and one of the best ways to monetize a site. Affiliate networks can turn a website into a cash cow, but if the promoted products are not chosen well, the results can be very disappointing.

There are many affiliate networks, but not all of them deserve attention because not all of them offer the right products one can sell on his or her site.

That is why a webmaster needs to shop a bit and see which the profitable affiliate networks are.

Some webmasters stick with only one affiliate network, while others think the safest is to use 2-5 separate affiliate networks and see which ones are the most profitable in the case.

Anyway, it does not hurt to try multiple affiliate networks and see which ones perform well. Here are five affiliate networks, which work well for many webmasters.

4. Amazon Affiliate Network

Amazon Affiliate Network is one of the oldest affiliate networks. In comparison to other CPA networks, the types of products available for sale might look a bit limited, but for info products.

Amazon is still one of the best choices because they offer so many titles.(For me after recent commission cuts, NO)

Info products are not the only thing that sells well from Amazon, but their selection and number are also great.

5. Clickbank Affiliate Network

Another affiliate network with a vast range of info products to promote is Clickbank. Clickbank is a very reputable affiliate network, and many webmasters have used it exclusively for many years because Clickbank manages to make them lots of money.

The only drawback is that Clickbank does not have pay per lead offers, so if a site is not suitable for selling info products on it, the choice is a bit limited.

6. Commission Junction Affiliate Network

Commission Junction is another profitable affiliate network, which works well for many webmasters. It is the largest affiliate network. For a beginner in affiliate marketing, Commission Junction might look very intimidating.

Commission Junction offers many products in almost any thinkable niche, and one of the most challenging tasks is to browse them all and pick the winners. There are many tools to help webmasters in their selection.

7. Never Blue Ads Affiliate Network

In comparison to the three giants of affiliate marketing listed above, Never Blue Ads looks like a poor relative.

However, many webmasters for whom Amazon, Clickbank, and Commission Junction have not proved to be profitable affiliate networks, claim that Never Blue Ads performs better on their sites.

One advantage of Never Blue Ads is that they have many pays per lead offers, including the phenomenally well-converting email and zip offers, which means that even when there are no sales, leads will bring money.

8. Max Bounty Affiliate Network

Similarly, to Never Blue Ads, Max Bounty is another relatively small but profitable affiliate network. Max Bounty also has a pay per lead CPA offers in many niches, so unless a webmaster is looking for offers in a niche, Max Bounty has what to offer.

In addition to the five most profitable affiliate networks described in this article, there are at least five times more that deserve mentioning.

Those are eBay, Shareasale (already mentioned), Azoogle Ads, Linkshare, Axill? these are some of the other most referred affiliate networks, which also work for many webmasters.

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