Importance Of Original Content In SEO

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Importance Of Original Content

Original content for any website or blog is important.

It helps Google to understand the authority, whether it’s providing value to its customers.

No doubt, you will see better rankings with the original content.

You know Google has the authority and we should respect it.

Therefore, anyone who is looking to have better rankings must follow their quality guidelines.

These guidelines are laid by Google in order to help webmasters of websites with quality content.

If you are not following Google guidelines by duplicating content, you are putting your site in danger and hence business.

Which methods are unethical for content creation?

This might be a question of values if you are creating content blindly without following Google ethics.

This is because duplicate content might have been used on your website without knowing it.

Naturally, you should know about outcomes for using duplicated stuff.

Since many false SEO professionals continue to sell these search engine marketing pitfalls to unsuspecting victims.

Using Extracted Content – This is usually the content extracted with the help of automated tools.

These tools will extract or copy the content for other websites without knowing the copyright laws.

There are few writers working as freelancers who will rewrite the article for you, without you knowing it.

This content is absolutely stolen from someone else.

Using such content for making money has become the practice that will never give complete insights for your readers.

Hidden Pages – Such pages don?t add any value to your blog/site and are built for the purpose of SEO.

These are used as a backlink to the owner?s site.

You can see lot of pages like these on the internet where you are forced to see specific ads before going to the actual page.

Why using duplicate content can give more pain?

If someone is looking for any niche related information on the internet, he expects to get detailed content related to it.

When they search the query, Google will display some results in front of them.

If websites found by them are irrelevant to the query they entered, you will surely have a higher bounce rate.

People will leave your site and search for better one and this, in turn, will push your site down the rankings.

Thanks to Google with the latest algorithm updates, copied content can?t rank and illegal means are thus fortified.

Don?t use blackhat techniques with Content

There are a lot of people who are using these spam techniques to rank higher in Google. But that should be temporary.

Some black hatters use copied content to build backlinks but Google is smart enough to crack on this way to rank.

You will only rank higher if your content provides better user experience and answer all questions searched as “query”.

You are in a danger to get your website removed if you don?t follow guidelines as described by Google.

Its called deindexing.

Never follow shortcuts for higher rankings.

It’s surely a big pain if you invest lot of money and your site fails due to these unethical tactics.

How to write high-quality original content?

Till now you might have known the importance of the original content for your blog or website.

You can create this original content by either hiring a freelancer or by writing it yourself.

I found this useful information in the form of infographics which might help you in staging good content.

Just have a look at the infographic below

This infographic from copyblogger is a great guide if you want to be a creative content writer.

Once you are done with content writing, the next thing is to post it on your website/blog and start building backlinks to it.

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