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How seo evolved

When I first began to deal with the web, I wished to start straight away without understanding any fundamental SEO principles.

At the start, I did writing for all sorts of topics but non-relevant posts.

I did not have a strategy and didn?t have any specific niche, so think what I had no leads and zero income.

It was when a buddy and my most exceptional mentor explained something to me, that things began to turn around quickly.

Here are the few questions being asked by the people in this SEO marketing world

What are the SEO best practices?

What does SEO mean in business?

What is SEO and how it works?

What is SEO in marketing?

You can surely get answers to all of these but you should know top and important SEO aspects in this search-oriented Google algorithms.

Here are some search engine optimization principles that you should follow.

Relevancy Is The Key

When building authority for ranking high in Google (the only factor in my book), you must create content, relevant to a particular topic and including each and every search keyword.

All you need to do is learn what your prospects want and then deliver their requirements efficiently.

If your topic is SEO based. there are a lot of people who need help and if you can reach them with your creativity, they will surely follow you.

Making Your Brand Popular In Search Engines

The appeal is all about how many authority sites link to your website and how popular those websites are on search engines! 

YouTube is popular.

Isn’t it? Most of the results shown on search engines are videos from Youtube.

But it took youtube a couple of years before it became popular!

If you had written blog posts that are extremely relevant and had no links pointing back to your website, It would not rank and hence will not have traffic!

You should try to rank with some experience, and the above principles can help 

The most significant mistakes that I made and newcomers are going to make is that they will set up some content on their blog and anticipate people to find it, sorry it would not work like that!

With any of your articles, videos, and infographics, you require to build quality backlinks to all of them so that you get ranked by Google.

What generally occurs is individuals, including myself, will link lots of none related posts and videos together, questioning why they are having no success.

Both of these principles should work in collaboration with each other.

Be Unique in Your approach.

Be unique with your material and compose your articles efficiently.

You can take your small items and video and make them distinct and go even more.

You can do great deals of things to your content to make you articles and video spread over the internet.

Improve Your Site Speed

For years, SEOs have pointed to the?importance?of page speed and loading times for?search engine optimization.

But how important is this ranking factor? 

When is a website fast enough for Google? 

What does fast mean? 

A short loading time, low response time, page size or download speed? 

It is irrelevant whether someone reaches 85 or 100 points but of course, it has to be fast in order to compete with other competitors.

A score of 85 is absolutely sufficient.

We have compiled the official information from Google and the results of two own studies on the influence of Page Speed ??on the ranking.

It is still important to differentiate the reasons why Google pays attention to loading times and website operators should pay attention to fast websites. 

Firstly, it is about user experience. 

Especially on smartphones. 

For this reason, Google has made page speed a ranking factor. The other is crawling. 

According to Google, pages, where the Google bot takes more than 2 seconds to download, are crawled less frequently than fast pages. 

Google wants to use the crawl budget more effectively. On the other hand,

Google emphasizes that the crawl budget is not a problem for many websites.

Site speed and loading time is one of the important seo principles to follow.

But what time is reasonable for users?

People who are under time pressure answer this question differently than people who surf the web comfortably. 

In addition, it is always a question of the internet connection, how long it takes a website to load. 

Another factor in feeling speed or slowness is a habit. 

You orientate yourself to what you are used to from other offers. 

Recently, the 500 largest e-commerce sites were examined in terms of loading speed. 

Accordingly, e-commerce websites tend to be slower than faster due to their growing size.

To sum up the 3 SEO Principles.

1. Always be relevant to your keyword and consumers

2. Ensure you have relevant popular links pointing to your site from related popular websites. Easy for me to state!

3. Always create excellent and valuable content with proper meta description and title.

4. Improve Your Site Speed

So here you have three fast SEO techniques that will always keep your user experience on the track.

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